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Valcour Book Donation & Presentation

In observance of George Washington’s birthday, the Valcour Battle Chapter donated award-winning author Jack Kelly’s book, Valcour:  The 1776 Campaign That Saved The Cause of Liberty to the Plattsburgh Public Library on February 22nd.  

President Craig Russell presenting Jack Kelly’s book to Plattsburgh Public Library Director Anne de la Chapelle.

Chapter President Craig Russell presented the book to Anne de la Chapelle Plattsburgh Library Director.  Compatriot Stan Ransom, Chaplin, delivered remarks about the importance of this often-overlooked engagement on Lake Champlain. Col. Benedict Arnold led the nascent American navy in what is considered by some historians as a tactical defeat for the Americans but a strategic victory.  The campaign, fought in October, was late in the season and delayed the British advance until the following year when they were ultimately defeated at Saratoga.  Author Kelly notes “the battle took place at Arnold’s Bay, the only place named for him in the country he would betray.” 

Thank you to Compatriots Dick Ward & Bill Ferguson who were also in attendance.
Thank you to Compatriots Dick Ward & Bill Ferguson who were also in attendance.

The book is freely available via interlibrary loan to residents of the three-county area that the Valcour Battle Chapter encompasses.  Enhancing access to new scholarship materials relating to the men and women who fought or gave service for independence in the American Revolutionary War is part of the SAR mission.