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If you think you can trace your ancestry to a revolutionary patriot and wish to consider joining SAR, you’ve found the right place.

First, download the PDF of the SAR application form:

Then, gather any and all documents which indicate your descent from a patriot ancestor and transfer that information to the form. Fill out as many of the blank spaces as you can on the first page. You don’t need to fill in every blank, but the more you can fill in the better.

Next, on the second page, you will find a place to list the various sources you used to complete the names and dates on page one.  Acceptable sources include:

  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates
  • Church, town, and state records
  • Military records
  • Census and tax records
  • Published genealogies
  • SAR or DAR accepted applications after 1970 (proof was not required before this)

Please note: that personal genealogies found online at Ancestry, Family Search, etc. are not acceptable as proof, but may give you guidance on finding proof sources.

After finding documentation, make a copy of all your proof sources and identify which generation in your ancestry each pertains to.

Once you have filled in as much as you can, forward the application to Registrar Brian Cook at for review and further help if needed. Once approved at the local level the application is sent on to state and then national SAR along with the required application fee. Depending on the backlog, this approval process can take three to six months.

See the America 250 tab for a selection of links to online resources.